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Character sets

The character set tells the browser what character encoding needs to be used to encode characters. To set a character set for a HTML document, use the meta element. To get the character encoding used for the document, use the charset and characterSet properties. To set or retrieve a character set for a script block or a linked document, use the charset property.

List of available character sets:

Description Charset Name Aliases
Arabic (864) IBM864 cp864, csIBM864
Arabic (DOS) DOS-720
Arabic (ISO) iso-8859-6 iso-ir-127, ISO_8859-6, ISO-8859-6:1987, ECMA-114, ASMO-708, arabic, csISOLatinArabic
Arabic (Mac) x-mac-arabic
Arabic (Windows) windows-1256
Baltic (DOS) ibm775 cp775, csPC775Baltic
Baltic (ISO) iso-8859-4 iso-ir-110, ISO_8859-4, ISO-8859-4:1988, latin4, l4, csISOLatin4
Baltic (Windows) windows-1257
Central European (DOS) ibm852 cp852, 852, csPCp852
Central European (ISO) iso-8859-2 iso-ir-101, ISO_8859-2, ISO-8859-2:1987, latin2, l2, csISOLatin2
Central European (Mac) x-mac-ce
Central European (Windows) windows-1250 x-cp1250
Chinese Simplified (EUC) EUC-CN x-euc-cn
Chinese Simplified (GB18030) GB18030
Chinese Simplified (GB2312) gb2312 CN-GB, csGB2312, csGB231280, GB_2312-80, GB231280, GB2312-80, GBK
Chinese Simplified (GB2312-80) x-cp20936 iso-ir-58, chinese, csISO58GB231280
Chinese Simplified (HZ) hz-gb-2312
Chinese Simplified (ISO-2022) x-cp50227
Chinese Simplified (Mac) x-mac-chinesesimp
Chinese Traditional (Big5) big5 csBig5, cn-big5, x-x-big5
Chinese Traditional (CNS) x-Chinese-CNS
Chinese Traditional (Eten) x-Chinese-Eten
Chinese Traditional (Mac) x-mac-chinesetrad
Croatian (Mac) x-mac-croatian
Cyrillic (DOS) IBM866 cp866, 866, csIBM866
Cyrillic (ISO | Windows) iso-8859-5 windows-1251, iso-ir-144, ISO_8859-5, ISO-8859-5:1988, cyrillic, csISOLatinCyrillic, KOI8-U
Cyrillic (KOI8-R) koi8-r csKOI8R, koi8-r, koi, koi8, koi8r
Cyrillic (KOI8-U) koi8-u koi8-ru
Cyrillic (Mac) x-mac-cyrillic
Cyrillic (Windows) windows-1251 x-cp1251
Estonian (ISO) iso-8859-13
Europa x-Europa
French Canadian (DOS) IBM863 cp863, 863, csIBM863
German (IA5) x-IA5-German
Greek (DOS) ibm737
Greek (ISO) iso-8859-7 iso-ir-126, ISO_8859-7, ISO-8859-7:1987, ELOT_928, ECMA-118, greek, greek8, csISOLatinGreek
Greek (Mac) x-mac-greek
Greek (Windows) windows-1253
Greek, Modern (DOS) ibm869 cp869, 869, cp-gr, csIBM869
Hebrew (DOS) DOS-862
Hebrew (ISO-Logical) iso-8859-8-i csISO88598I, ISO_8859-8-I, logical
Hebrew (ISO-Visual) iso-8859-8 iso-ir-138, ISO_8859-8, ISO-8859-8:1988, hebrew, csISOLatinHebrew, visual
Hebrew (Mac) x-mac-hebrew
Hebrew (Windows) windows-1255 ISO_8859-8-I, ISO-8859-8
IBM EBCDIC (Arabic) IBM420 cp420, ebcdic-cp-ar1, csIBM420, x-EBCDIC-Arabic
IBM EBCDIC (Cyrillic Russian) IBM880 cp880, EBCDIC-Cyrillic, csIBM880, x-EBCDIC-CyrillicRussian
IBM EBCDIC (Cyrillic Serbian-Bulgarian) cp1025 x-EBCDIC-CyrillicSerbianBulgarian
IBM EBCDIC (Denmark-Norway) IBM277 EBCDIC-CP-DK, EBCDIC-CP-NO, csIBM277, x-EBCDIC-DenmarkNorway
IBM EBCDIC (Denmark-Norway-Euro) IBM01142 CCSID01142, CP01142, ebcdic-dk-277+euro, ebcdic-no-277+euro, x-ebcdic-denmarknorway-euro
IBM EBCDIC (Finland-Sweden) IBM278 CP278, ebcdic-cp-fi, ebcdic-cp-se, csIBM278, x-EBCDIC-FinlandSweden
IBM EBCDIC (Finland-Sweden-Euro) IBM01143 CCSID01143, CP01143, ebcdic-fi-278+euro, ebcdic-se-278+euro, x-ebcdic-finlandsweden-euro
IBM EBCDIC (France) IBM297 cp297, ebcdic-cp-fr, csIBM297, x-ebcdic-france
IBM EBCDIC (France-Euro) IBM01147 CCSID01147, CP01147, ebcdic-fr-297+euro, x-ebcdic-france-euro
IBM EBCDIC (Germany) IBM273 CP273, csIBM273, x-EBCDIC-Germany
IBM EBCDIC (Germany-Euro) IBM01141 CCSID01141, CP01141, ebcdic-de-273+euro, x-ebcdic-germany-euro
IBM EBCDIC (Greek Modern) cp875 x-EBCDIC-GreekModern
IBM EBCDIC (Greek) IBM423 cp423, ebcdic-cp-gr, csIBM423, x-EBCDIC-Greek
IBM EBCDIC (Hebrew) IBM424 cp424, ebcdic-cp-he, csIBM424, x-EBCDIC-Hebrew
IBM EBCDIC (Icelandic) IBM871 CP871, ebcdic-cp-is, csIBM871, x-EBCDIC-Icelandic
IBM EBCDIC (Icelandic-Euro) IBM01149 CCSID01149, CP01149, ebcdic-is-871+euro, x-ebcdic-icelandic-euro
IBM EBCDIC (International) IBM500 CP500, ebcdic-cp-be, ebcdic-cp-ch, csIBM500, x-ebcdic-international
IBM EBCDIC (International-Euro) IBM01148 CCSID01148, CP01148, ebcdic-international-500+euro, x-ebcdic-international-euro
IBM EBCDIC (Italy) IBM280 CP280, ebcdic-cp-it, csIBM280, x-EBCDIC-Italy
IBM EBCDIC (Italy-Euro) IBM01144 CCSID01144, CP01144, ebcdic-it-280+euro, x-ebcdic-italy-euro
IBM EBCDIC (Japanese and Japanese Katakana) x-EBCDIC-JapaneseAndKana
IBM EBCDIC (Japanese and Japanese-Latin) x-EBCDIC-JapaneseAndJapaneseLatin
IBM EBCDIC (Japanese and US-Canada) x-EBCDIC-JapaneseAndUSCanada
IBM EBCDIC (Japanese katakana) IBM290 cp290, EBCDIC-JP-kana, csIBM290, x-EBCDIC-JapaneseKatakana
IBM EBCDIC (Korean and Korean Extended) x-EBCDIC-KoreanAndKoreanExtended
IBM EBCDIC (Korean Extended) x-EBCDIC-KoreanExtended
IBM EBCDIC (Multilingual Latin-2) IBM870 CP870, ebcdic-cp-roece, ebcdic-cp-yu, csIBM870
IBM EBCDIC (Simplified Chinese) x-EBCDIC-SimplifiedChinese
IBM EBCDIC (Spain) IBM284 CP284, ebcdic-cp-es, csIBM284, x-EBCDIC-Spain
IBM EBCDIC (Spain-Euro) IBM01145 CCSID01145, CP01145, ebcdic-es-284+euro, x-ebcdic-spain-euro
IBM EBCDIC (Thai) IBM-Thai csIBMThai, x-EBCDIC-Thai
IBM EBCDIC (Traditional Chinese) x-EBCDIC-TraditionalChinese
IBM EBCDIC (Turkish Latin-5) IBM1026 CP1026, csIBM1026
IBM EBCDIC (Turkish) IBM905 CP905, ebcdic-cp-tr, csIBM905, x-EBCDIC-Turkish
IBM EBCDIC (UK) IBM285 CP285, ebcdic-cp-gb, csIBM285, x-EBCDIC-UK
IBM EBCDIC (UK-Euro) IBM01146 CCSID01146, CP01146, ebcdic-gb-285+euro, x-ebcdic-uk-euro
IBM EBCDIC (US-Canada) IBM037 cp037, ebcdic-cp-us, ebcdic-cp-ca, ebcdic-cp-wt, ebcdic-cp-nl, csIBM037, ebcdic-cp-us
IBM EBCDIC (US-Canada-Euro) IBM01140 CCSID01140, CP01140, ebcdic-us-37+euro, x-ebcdic-cp-us-euro
IBM Latin-1 IBM01047
IBM Latin-1-Euro IBM00924 CCSID00924, CP00924, ebcdic-Latin9--euro
IBM5550 Taiwan x-cp20003
Icelandic (DOS) ibm861 cp861, 861, cp-is, csIBM861
Icelandic (Mac) x-mac-icelandic
ISCII Assamese x-iscii-as
ISCII Bengali x-iscii-be
ISCII Devanagari x-iscii-de
ISCII Gujarati x-iscii-gu
ISCII Kannada x-iscii-ka
ISCII Malayalam x-iscii-ma
ISCII Oriya x-iscii-or
ISCII Punjabi x-iscii-pa
ISCII Tamil x-iscii-ta
ISCII Telugu x-iscii-te
ISO-6937 x-cp20269
Japanese (EUC) euc-jp csEUCPkdFmtJapanese, Extended_UNIX_Code_Packed_Format_for_Japanese, x-euc, x-euc-jp
Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana) iso-2022-jp csISO2022JP, _iso-2022-jp
Japanese (JIS-Allow 2 byte Kana) ISO-2022-JP-2 csISO2022JP2
Japanese (Katakana) JIS_C6220-1969-jp JIS_C6220-1969, iso-ir-13, katakana, x0201-7, csISO13JISC6220jp
Japanese (Mac) x-mac-japanese
Japanese (Shift-JIS) shift_jis ms_Kanji , csShiftJIS, csWindows31J, shift-jis, x-ms-cp932, x-sjis
Korean ks_c_5601-1987 iso-ir-149, KS_C_5601-1989, KSC_5601, korean, csKSC56011987
Korean (EUC) euc-kr csEUCKR
Korean (ISO) iso-2022-kr csISO2022KR
Korean (Johab) Johab
Korean (Mac) x-mac-korean
Korean Wansung x-cp20949
Latin 3 (ISO) iso-8859-3 iso-ir-109, ISO_8859-3, ISO-8859-3:1988, latin3, l3, csISOLatin3
Latin 9 (ISO) iso-8859-15 ISO_8859-15, Latin-9, l9, csISOLatin9
Nordic (DOS) IBM865 cp865, 865, csIBM865
Norwegian (IA5) x-IA5-Norwegian
OEM Cyrillic IBM855 cp855, 855, csIBM855
OEM Multilingual Latin I IBM00858 CCSID00858, CP00858, PC-Multilingual-850+euro
OEM United States IBM437 cp437, 437, csPC8CodePage437
Portuguese (DOS) IBM860 cp860, 860, csIBM860
Romanian (Mac) x-mac-romanian
Swedish (IA5) x-IA5-Swedish
T.61 x-cp20261
TCA Taiwan x-cp20001
TeleText Taiwan x-cp20004
Thai (Mac) x-mac-thai
Thai (Windows) windows-874 DOS-874, iso-8859-11, TIS-620
Turkish (DOS) ibm857 cp857, 857, csIBM857
Turkish (ISO | Windows) iso-8859-9 windows-1254, iso-ir-148, ISO_8859-9, ISO-8859-9:1989, latin5, l5, csISOLatin5
Turkish (Mac) x-mac-turkish
Ukrainian (Mac) x-mac-ukrainian
Unicode utf-16 unicode
Unicode (UTF-16 Big-Endian) unicodeFFFE UTF-16BE
Unicode (UTF-32 Big-Endian) utf-32BE
Unicode (UTF-32) utf-32
Unicode (UTF-7) utf-7 UNICODE-1-1-UTF-7, csUnicode11UTF7, x-unicode-2-0-utf-7
Unicode (UTF-8) utf-8 unicode-1-1-utf-8, unicode-2-0-utf-8, x-unicode-2-0-utf-8
US-ASCII us-ascii iso-ir-6, ANSI_X3.4-1986, ISO_646.irv:1991, ASCII, ISO646-US, us, IBM367, cp367, csASCII
Vietnamese (Windows) windows-1258
Wang Taiwan x-cp20005
Western European (DOS) ibm850 cp850, 850, csPC850Multilingual
Western European (IA5) x-IA5
Western European (ISO) iso-8859-1 iso-ir-100, ISO_8859-1, ISO_8859-1:1987, latin1, l1, IBM819, CP819, csISOLatin1
Western European (Mac) macintosh mac, csMacintosh
Western European (Windows) Windows-1252

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