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methods attribute (a)

Browser support:
Specifies a comma-separated list of HTTP METHODS supported by the object and accessible to the user.
This attribute is poorly supported by browsers and was never used much in HTML documents.
JavaScript page for this attribute: Methods. You can find other example(s) there.

Possible values:

String that sets a comma-separated list of HTTP methods.
The list of the possible methods:
Represents a request about the available communication options.
Retrieves information.
Retrieves information without message-body.
Posts information.
Stores entity under the specified Request-URI.
Deletes resource from the specified Request-URI.
Gives an advice from the sent request message.
Switches proxy to a tunnel (SSL).
Default: this attribute has no default value.

Example HTML code 1:

This example illustrates the use of the Methods attribute:
<a methods="OPTIONS, PUT">
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