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base element

Browser support:
Specifies an explicit URL to use for all relative URLs within the document.
The base element allows defining a base URI for the document. It is useful if you want to insert many images, objects, styleSheets, scripts, etc. relative to a path other than the current document location. Must be placed in the head section.
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This element cannot have a closing tag.
JavaScript page for this element: base.

Possible members:

Sets the base URL to be used throughout the document for relative URL addresses.
Sets a unique identifier for the object.
Sets the name of an element.
Specifies the target window or frame where the document is to be opened.

Example HTML code 1:

This example illustrates the use of the base element:
    <base href="" />
    This link is relative to the <a href="common/images/area.gif">base URL</a>.
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