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input element

Browser support:
The functionality and appearance of an input element can be very different depending on the value of its type attribute. By default, the value of the type attribute is set to "text", so an input element without a type attribute is the same as an input type="text" element.
This element cannot have closing tag.
JavaScript page for this element: input

Input elements:

The type attribute determines the type of the input tag.
The following table contains the available input elements:
Inputs by type Support Description
input type="button"
A button form control.
input type="checkbox"
A check box.
input type="file"
A text box and Browse button.
input type="hidden"
Transmits hidden information between client and server.
input type="image"
An image container.
input type="password"
A single-line text entry form control, but the input text is not displayed.
input type="radio"
A radio button.
input type="range"
A slider.
input type="reset"
A reset button that, when clicked, resets all controls to their initial values within the form.
input type="search"
A search field.
input type="submit"
A submit button that, when clicked, submits the form.
input type="text"
A single-line text entry form control.

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