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wbr element

Browser support:
Indicates where a line break is allowed to be inserted if needed within a nobr element.
The nobr element allows authors to create a non-breaking line of text. With the wbr element you can specify the point where a line break is allowed to be inserted if needed.
Although the wbr element is known by Firefox and Opera, they do not implement its functionality.
Internet Explorer 8 does not support the wbr element in 'standards' mode.
If you want to see the HTML tags by categories, please visit this page.
This element cannot have a closing tag.
JavaScript page for this element: wbr.

Possible members:

Sets a unique identifier for the object.
Sets the name of an element.
Specifies the tabbing order for keyboard navigation using the TAB key.

Example HTML code 1:

This example illustrates the use of the wbr element:
<nobr>The NOBR tag prevents text from being wrapped if it is too long for the browser window to display it.
 The WBR tag allows specifying where the line of text<wbr/>can be wrapped within the NOBR tags.</nobr>
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