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bgSound element

Browser support:
Associates a background sound with a page.
The bgSound tag allows inserting a sound into the HTML document in Internet Explorer.
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This element cannot have a closing tag.
JavaScript page for this element: bgSound.

Possible members:

Specifies how the volume will be divided between the left and right speakers.
Sets a unique identifier for the object.
Specifies the number of repeats for a sound or video clip.
Sets the name of an element.
Sets the URL of a sound file to be played.
Specifies the volume for the background sound.

Example HTML code 1:

This example illustrates the use of the bgSound element:
<bgsound src="bell.wav" loop="-1">
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Example HTML code 2:

Use the object tag for a cross-browser and standardized solution:
<object data="bell.wav" type="audio/x-wav" autostart="true" width="100px" height="20px"></object>
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