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isOpen property (popup)

Browser support:
Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the current popup window is displayed.
Popup windows can be created with the createPopup method and displayed with the show method.


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This property is read-only.

Possible values:

Boolean that indicates the state of the popup window.
One of the following values:
Popup window is displayed.
Popup window is closed.
Default: this property has no default value.

Example HTML code 1:

This example illustrates the use of the isOpen property:
    <script type="text/javascript">
        var popupWindow = null;
        function Init () {
            window.setInterval (UpdateInfo, 200);

        function UpdateInfo () {
            var info = document.getElementById ("info");
            if (popupWindow && popupWindow.isOpen) {
                info.innerText = "popup window is open";
            else {
                info.innerText = "popup window is closed";

        function MakePopup () {
            if (window.createPopup) {        //Internet Explorer
                if (!popupWindow) {
                    popupWindow = window.createPopup ();
                    var popupBody = popupWindow.document.body;

           = "lightblue";
           = "solid black 1px";
                    popupBody.innerHTML = "Click outside to close.";
       (100, 100, 150, 25, document.body);
<body onload="Init ()">
    <input type="button" value="Create a popup window!" onclick="MakePopup ();"/>
    <div id="info"></div>
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