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MozOutlineColor style property

Browser support:
Sets or retrieves the color of the outline.
Deprecated and the support for it has been removed in Firefox 3.6. Use the cross-browser outlineColor property instead.


You can find the related objects in the Supported by objects section below.
This property is read/write.
CSS page for this property: -moz-outline-color

Possible values:

The type of this property is string.
 One of the following values: 
Color of the outline. For the supported color values, see the colors page.
Takes the value of this property from the computed style of the parent element.
Inverts the color of the outline to the opposite value of the color under the outline to ensure proper contrast.
Default: invert.

Example HTML code 1:

This example illustrates the use of the -moz-outline-color property:
        .example {
            -moz-outline-width: 2px;
            -moz-outline-style: solid;
            -moz-outline-color: blue;

            border-width: 1px;
            border-style: solid;
            border-color: red;
    <div class="example">Outline: 2px solid blue</div>
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Example HTML code 2:

This example illustrates the use of the MozOutlineColor property in JavaScript:
    <script type="text/javascript">
        function ChangeOutlineColor (selectTag) {
            // Returns the index of the selected option
            var whichSelected = selectTag.selectedIndex;

            // Returns the text of the selected option
            var color = selectTag.options[whichSelected].text;

            var div = document.getElementById ("myDiv");

            if ('MozOutlineColor' in {
       = color;
            } else {
                alert ("Your browser doesn't support this example!");
    <div id="myDiv" style="-moz-outline: 4px solid blue;">Change outline color</div>

    <br /><br /><br />

    <select onchange="ChangeOutlineColor (this);" size="7">
        <option />black
        <option selected="selected" />blue
        <option />cyan
        <option />green
        <option />red
        <option />yellow
        <option />white
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